Critically Evaluate BETA Comments

To have a clear understanding of their Beta, I watched the videos and the context descriptions twice, just like what I did for the Pitch. I then make a list of things I like and things I think could be done better about their Beta. The list, along with the Beta rubric is convenient for me to do further relevant research. While I critically evaluate their Beta, I also keep notes of things that can apply to my Digital Artefact.


Rebecca’s DA is on the topic of female safety. She plans to use a facebook page as the community where women can share experience and give advice.

As a female myself, I really appreciate things she is trying to do. But I doubt the platform she uses because I think stay anonymous can help women to speak freely. So I suggest her to look for what fan communities have done, which can be very helpful. I also remind her to stick with the requirement of the DA, which is considering her topic in three stages in the future. I think she can add that into her blog, along with other informational, educational posts.

Extra Information

I invite her to do some researches about women safety organizations and provide some links as examples.

For my DA

I think the layout of Rebecca’s Beta blog is worth learning from. I feel the way that she uses references and statistics from reliable authorities have addressed the importance of women safety. It can easily let the reader feels the same and aware of the value of her concept.


Ray’s DA is about future marketing; he mainly explained why he changed the platform from YouTube to Instagram.

He used many academic references to support his platform transition, which I think is very clear. I shared my experience with those two platforms and suggested him to post the same video content on both of them. He also gives a full explanation in the video, which I think is a bit waste of time. I think he should focus on the content, and introduce what the topics he plan to work on rather than why he feel Instagram is better.

Extra Information

I noticed he mentioned AI in his Pitch, so I invited him to consider AI in marketing, and provide him some additional readings.

I Could be done better:

I wish I can suggest him to not over worried about other blogs with a similar theme because the way they present the future marketing is all different. Especially, he chose Instagram and decided to use pictures and videos to illustrate.


Devin’s DA is about global warming, and how changes in fields will influence it.

I addressed how a web page can show the viewer with a systematic knowledge map about climate change; I totally agree with her that the website can cover more academic researches. Besides, I very like the topics she has chosen for further study.

Extra Information:

I provide the documentary I found it really helpful in understanding the future of farming, and technologies in the food industry to her. I also invite Devin to do some research about cultured meat, which will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

For my DA

Devin mentioned the connection between the food industry and climate change, and I think this is another great aspect to think about for my DA. I think after watching the documentary she mentioned, I will have a clear understanding of sustainable farming, and I will add that to my DA.

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