Future Protein (MEAT)

Insects protein EP.3

The future of animal protein in the next 100 years (long-term future)

We are here, at the topic I’m always trying to escape from, to discuss INSECTS, or bugs, as the primary protein we are going to intake every day 100 years later. But I promise I will insert any detailed pictures about them, so if you hate bugs like me, no warning alert to worry.

As I said, I have to include insects to my series future protein, despite how much I hate them. The main reasons are, again, growing population, sky-high meat price and environment concerns. They all lead to the eternal question: what we will eat every day in the far away future.

As a matter of fact, there are plenty of ‘delicious and edible’ dishes made by insects. Here is a link, feel free to check that if you don’t mind all those HD photographs.

Eating mini-livestock will be a win-win situation since we can fill our stomachs with some food that contains the approximately equal nutritional value (protein) as meat with less cost in the raising stage.

Researchers from Wageningen University point out that insects will grow up with less water and will release less carbon emission. Finally, they will turn into very similar nutrient as cattle.

Well…the good news is…

Most of the insect will be ground down to powder condition, and then they will be used as the main ingredient for dishes like the burger, sausage and pasta. So we do not need to worry about the shocking visual of the future food, as long as we leave our mind away from what is inside that patty, just like the way we treat horse meat beef burger.

But we still have few challenges…

It is and still will be a matter of perception for our generation, as we were grown up with the common senses that

  • A, it is normal to eat cow, chicken or fish,
  • B, bugs can be divided into injurious insect and useful insects, but they still are, just, bugs.

A psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, Paul Rozin, suggests that insects are disgusting because they are commonly making people think about rubbish, dirty environment and disease.

Eating bugs might not be a problem for the next, next, next generation, if they are raised with the idea of mini-livestock are just the usual main animal protein ingredients.

Sci-fi film

In the film, Bludder Runner 2049, it is evident that there are no such green plants in the film scene, and it just makes sense to eat bugs. Otherwise, they will have nothing to eat considering they are replicants, not wealthy people with high social status.

Insects protein bar in the market

For now, it is hard for the public to accept insects to be the main course served in the shape they were. But Exo, an American food company, figured out a way to sell the animal protein, which transforms those edible and organic crickets into powder and make protein bars in different flavour with that flour.

Exo had achieved great success by complete the $20,000 starter goal within only three days back in 2013. Nathan McAlone, a senior editor at Business Insider, gave the Blueberry Vanilla bar an incredibly high grade, he said “I loved this flavour. It had a pleasant fruity taste, and the vanilla wasn’t too overpowering. It’s actually one of the best protein bars I’ve ever had.”

My prediction of the protein (meat) food in 100 years:

Well, I think people will be more and more busy with their work and other social activities, so the time we spend on eating is going to cut down significantly. Think about how people enjoyed their meal a hundred years ago, and compare that with what we have for lunch (fast food, or grab and go sandwich). In my opinion, few condensed protein capsule is very likely to the main course, and a jelly-ish drink will be the way for people to have more fruit and vegetable’s fibres.

video prediction of meat(protein) in 100 years (insect protein pill)

If you are interested in the protein food in 100 years, please join us on AskReddit:






Edible Insect Farming in Blade Runner 2049



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