Try to be critical and try to be helpful (Pitch Review)

Aesthetic Tutorials

To Brookie:


Tutorial about a new useful media platform & lofi music? 

That is a yes! I will follow your project just for learning!

The concept, methodology, utility, target audience are all very clear, and well structured. I am one of your target audience; it is always good for media student to learn more editing-ish software. It’s great to see you plan to use Reddit as the main place to promote, and I’m sure you can attract lost of potential audience there. 

I personally really appreciate your sound quality in the pitch video, and I think the quality of your audio tutorial will be even better.

Here is some suggestion for speaking in the audio tutorial:

  • Steady pace
  • Try to avoid mumble and too much modal particle

(as an audience for video editing tutorial, I often find words like eh, awww, naw make the tutorial sounds less professional)

  • Try to avoid accent 

(I think this point is essential when it comes to educational & tutorial audio. Strong Australia accent is so hard to follow, and Oh my god, you can’t imagine how lost I was when I talk to the cashier in Coles)

  • Try to use straightforward language and avoid glossary in technical terms 

(If the big-word is necessary, you can always leave some explanation in the description box)

  • Turn down the background music and try to find the bgm with low bpm 

(take your pitch as an example, I would recommend you to turn down the bgm volume, as I find the tempo somehow distract me from your voice)

  • Good job on working in a professional studio!

General advice:

  • Separate your 10 mins tutorial to the small topics.

This can allow the learner to quickly go back to the specific one when they encounter problem in practice. Speak from my personal experience; I saved tutorials about how to use Final Cut Pro to add & edit subtitle, as I always get lost there.

  • Consider recording the video tutorial and post on YouTube.

I can see why you want to make the aesthetic audio tutorial. And I do think people with basic knowledge about Unreal Engine 4 will find your video is beneficial in the background while they work on it. However, for those who are entirely new to the platform and not good at technologies in general, screen recording tutorial is definitely much easy to understand. 

I prefer to use my phone to play them while I practice on PC. Softwares’ Video tutorials are the live-saving for me and my DA.

Here is a tutorial that I found most useful when I learn how to use Final Cut. I appreciate the way he teaches. Hope you can find it’s helpful in terms of being educational.

  • For the plan of your DA, I’d also like to know some extra information like how many episodes you plan to make? Have you decided the topic for each of your audio? What level did you hope your audience to achieve after finish all your sessions?

I’m very excited to see your aesthetic tutorials, especially looking forward to seeing how you make the lofi bgm works with the tutorial! Thank you again for telling me that incredible loyalty free music web!😊

Women Bodyboarders

To Sophie:

I love your idea!

First of all, I think you did a fantastic job of putting your interest, things you have already been doing and the Subject DA together!

I was very intrigued by your pitch as the work, pictures, and videos from your previous DA looks very appealing to me.

(I have seen your BCM112 DA before, and that is very helpful for my last DA pitch. Thank you for that.)

I understand this is a continue DA from the past, so you probably don’t want to repeat yourself. In fact, I would like to suggest you to try to include the whole structure again (like the one you did for 112). Your pitch will be much clear if you explain what you intend to do this time, and who is your target audience. 

I think you did well regarding present the methodology in your video. Besides that, I would suggest that a slide covers all the platform you plan to use would make things much straightforward.

Although your plan is precise and exciting, the areas you decide to explore are big. 

Picture+Videos+Podcast+design+writing on magazine+explore Tik Tok, Alibaba

That is a lot of work!

Thus, I suggest that you should make prototypes for each of them, and see how well you can manage.

I noticed that you would contact supplies through Alibaba to start your wetsuit design. I guess you plan to start your own business from this point?

Actually, I would love to recommend you to use TAOBAO if your business scale hasn’t expanded too big. To me, and most Chinese, Alibaba is the place to buy wholesale, it’s a B2B(business to business) company. On the other hand, Taobao is more a C2C (customer to customer) and B2C(business to customer) website.

Here are some information about Alibaba and Taobao you may find helpful.

Answer by Alibaba

The difference between Alibaba, Taobao and other

If you have any problem with Alibaba or Taobao, I’m very happy to help you. I may not be an expert, but I can always use Chinese Website searching engine to help or talk to them directly in Chinese.👍🏻

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