Feedback Round 2

Hello again! Brookie!

I’m sorry the Aesthetic Tutorial project doesn’t work, but the good news is you realize the problems at an early stage. Let’s just make a toast to #FEFO for a sec. It’s good seeing you take all feedbacks (including mine) into consideration.

I always think the best DA is the one you cooperate subject learnings to real-life social media work. That is because you can not only put academic theories into practice but also report your findings to another round of researching. The most important thing here is that you have the opportunity to discuss things that happen to your project to tutor and other students. Basically, you got a whole gang with you!

I enjoy seeing that you document and screenshot all the progress The Little Prince have to achieve in your hand. All the statistics make things easy to track. It is brilliant that you identified the lack of engagement at the beginning and come up with various implementable solutions. I totally agree with you that the appearance of a social media page is crucial.

I find your content arrangement approach is very inspiring to me. I will undoubtedly take the Gantt chart to my DA since I’m working on six platforms at the same time; posting became very messy now.

In terms of the DA itself, I have a lot to say. Well, partly because I, myself, is passionate about all food-related topics, also, my food recreation project share some commons to yours.

Suggestions for Instagram:

Experiment with using Canva to add the Drink Name in the picture. When I was browsing the Ins page, I found most the drink look very similar to me. So it would be a great idea to combine those unique cocktail’s name with the beautiful picture.

As you mentioned, The Little Prince is promoting Asian-inspired products right now. I think it would be a great idea to include hashtags in Asian languages. I recommend using google translator and hashtag generator for foreign languages. I also believe you have already familiar with Japanese and Japan culture to some extent; then it’s the appropriate time to use them.

Try to post consistently and study the active time for your target audience. 

All in all, I think the new DA idea is exciting, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you learnt from this experience.   


Hello again! Sophie!

I’m happy to see all your progress from the Pitch stage! I think you take this DA as an opportunity to explore various media platforms in different frames, including Vaporwave, YouTube, Tik Tok, broadcast, Instagram, magazine, cartoon character, e-product. This can not only help you build up your knowledge in bodyboarding, but also enrich your experience in promoting bodyboarding concept with different social media.

I totally agree with you about re-using, re-packaging and re-framing your old clips to fit YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. What a valuable content curation moment! I feel your assumption about TikTok is correct. The music factor does occupy a heavy role in short videos and trending challenge style content do own a larger group of the potential audience.

Congratulation to new sponsors for your Instagram account! You did such an excellent job in bringing your DA into the real market, and I guess you will keep doing this in the future. Since you consider Instagram as your base camp, I strongly recommend you to add links and watermarks to all other platforms and posts. Your interview in APB’s story is the perfect example, and I believe that 100 followers head to your account because they left your information in the video.

The other general suggestion is about upgrading your filming equipment. As you mentioned in the Beta, you have already made a profit from this project, and I believe a better camera is necessary for both videos and pictures. Anyway, when people scroll down their Instagram finding page, the extraordinary image with eye-caching quality is the one make them stop.

Overall, I think you did a great job in extending your DA to real market! I can’t wait to see your next step! Good luck!

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