Zelda food, contextual essay

Concept: My digital artifact aimed at finding the food representation in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the relationship between the game and culture, and answering are the food relevant actives important to the gameplay, or fandom life? Ideation:  The reason why I chose to focus on food in Zelda was that I personally… Continue reading Zelda food, contextual essay

BCM114, BCM302

Final Final (DA+Contextual Essay)

My project is called Cook For One; I continued the cooking-related artifact I have worked on from BCM112. In the last semester, I focused on quick, simple, easy food that can be cooked with a microwave. That experience taught me valuable lessons and prepared me for this 300 level task.  For this DA, I worked… Continue reading Final Final (DA+Contextual Essay)


Zelda food, from the perspective of a non-gamer

Video game, unlike film, is center on the play, which means players execute the voluntary activity while playing. They have all the freedom on how to play within fixed limits of rules. That brings us to the central part of my research; gamers are active audiences who make meaning from the play. The play is… Continue reading Zelda food, from the perspective of a non-gamer


Midnight Diner, Food+TV drama

In the last two blog posts, I came across the Mukbang phenomenon and conducted a segment of autoethnographic study of eating broadcast. For my final digital artifact, I would like to continue my journey in the world of food; specifically, I will focus on the food from a Japanese TV drama called Midnight Diner.  Before… Continue reading Midnight Diner, Food+TV drama